AndrewAndrew Bestwick

Coaching since 1981, Andrew is a Certified Level 3 coach and has finished 8 tasks at Level 4. He is a former British Champion and an International Gold medallist; he also competed in the World and European Championships and finished 5th in the first Junior Worlds Championship. He has coached skaters at the Junior and Senior Eastern Challenge events. He coaches the 2012 Mens Pre-Novice Canadian Championship Silver Medalist.

Andrew has also judged for 4 years and was trained in the new Skate Canada Judging system where he received his Junior Pairs, and Senior Singles and Dance judging designations. He is available to teach all areas of skating.



JanJan Calnan

Jan completed her BA studies in Psychology at Carleton University and is a Level 3 certified coach. She passed her Senior Competitive Singles; Gold level in Freeskate, Figures, and Dance; as well as level 1 (Gold) Skills. She has 23 years of coaching experience in recreational and competitive skating, has coached from Preliminary to Gold level skaters in all disciplines, and has coached competitive skaters in singles up to the Novice level and in pairs up to PreNovice. Jan has attained a gold status in the Skate Canada Continuing Education Program, and attends many seminars to keep current.

In 2005, Jan returned to skating herself, as an adult competitor, winning the Masters events at the 2005, 2006 and 2007 Skate Canada Adult Championships as well as at the ISU Adult International Competitions, the top adult international skating event. Along with partner, Stephane Vachon, they won the Masters Pair events at the 2006 & 2007 Skate Canada Adult Championships and ISU Adult International Competitions. Now skating with Mark Stanford, together they won the Eastern US Sectional Masters Pair title and silver at the US Adult National Competition. This past year Jan returned to the ISU Adult International Competition to win the Masters Elite event over former world champion and Olympic silver medalist Midori Ito.


JoseeMarie-Josée Cloutier

Marie-Josée has coached for 25 years, is a National Level Coach and has provided Mentoring for CanSkate and Primary StarSkate coaches. She also has her Level I Special Olympics and Level IV Task 6 and 11.

She has completed her Silver Interpretive Dance, Gold Dances, Rhumba, and Level III Competitive Skills. Coaches Preliminary to Gold level in freeskate and skills as well as the Diamond Dances.

She also teaches Competitive Dance and has had skaters compete at EOSIC, Sectionals, Eastern Challenge, and National Competitions. Seminars attended: Alexei Mishin, Jan Ullmark, Doug Leigh, Frank Carroll, Manon Perron, Yuka Sato, Jason Dungjen, Brian Orser, Josée Chouinard, Robert Tebby, and Erik Therrien.


MargoMargo Guerette

Margo began coaching in the CanSkate program when she was 14 years old. Her love of kids and the excellent skating program kept her involved for another 16 years. In 1993 she obtained her level 1 certification. After taking time off to raise her three sons, Margo returned to coaching and is currently working on attaining her Level II.

Margo is a member of the Adult III synchronized skating team at the Gloucester Skating Club. She enjoys the camaraderie and competition that the team provides. Off the ice, Margo works as a process engineer at a local medical device manufacturing company. Her other interests include yoga, golf, curling and reading. Margo has a life-long passion with figure skating. Her philosophy is to create a positive learning experience that allows the skater to develop, to the best of their ability, in a challenging, rewarding and fun environment. She enjoys teaching kids of all ages including the adult sized ones.


KatrinaKatrina Millard-Vanluven

Katrina is NCCP Level III Certified, and has twelve years coaching experience. She has taught skaters from CanSkate to the Junior Competitive level. Katrina’s students have medalled at Sectionals in freeskate and dance, and qualified for the Trillium (All-Ontario) Championship, Eastern-Western Challenge, as well as Nationals. In addition, her skaters have been selected for the Ontario Provincial Seminar, the Eastern Ontario Section Youth Camp and Jump Start Teams.

As a skater she completed her Gold Skills, Jr Silver Free, and Gold Dances and maintained a top five provincial standing each year. Katrina has been a Coaching Evaluator for the NCCP Level 1 Course, in addition to being a mentor coach. She continues to develop her coaching qualifications and knowledge, maintaining Gold status in Skate Canada’s Continuing Education Program, and attends seminars conducted by international coaches with her skaters to provide them with exciting and motivating learning opportunities.

Outside skating, Katrina has degrees in both Commerce and Arts, and is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).


DarrylDarryl Vanluven

Darryl is NCCP Level III Certified. He is a former National Team Member at both the Junior and Senior levels, and has international competitive experience. He coaches competitive dancers from the Pre-Juvenile to Senior Competitive Level, and also coaches freeskaters of all levels.

Darryl has coached several skaters to Nationals, including the 2007 National Pre Novice Dance champions, 2011 Challenge Pre Novice Bronze medalists and Canada Games Silver medalists. He has also coached skaters on the Junior National Team, competing at international events. At the 2011 Canadian Championships he had skaters competing in all three levels (Novice, Junior, and Senior Dance).Darryl has been a mentor coach, and also a Coaching Evaluator for the NCCP Level 1 Course. He was selected by Skate Canada and Skate Ontario to attend the 2010 International Skating Union (ISU) Ice Dance Seminar in Oberstdorf, Germany.

Darryl has been coaching for 19 years and is available to teach freeskate, skills, dance, and stroking.


BrandiBrandi Young
Brandi has been coaching for 19 years and is a fully certified Level 3 Coach. She has also provided Mentoring for Level I Coaches.

As a skater, Brandi completed her Gold Freeskate, Gold Interpretive and Diamond Dances. She has taught skaters from CanSkate to Gold Level in Freestyle, Preliminary to Diamond level in Dance and Preliminary to Gold level in Skills. She has attended seminars by Brian Orser, Jan Ullmark, Frank Carroll , and Manon Perron and looks forward to attending many more seminars in the future.

Outside skating, Brandi works as a licensed sales associate at a financial planning firm.

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